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What is Design Thinking Explorations?

Design Thinking Explorations are short courses, workshops and seminars hosted or facilitated by the Cyprus Interaction Lab of the Cyprus University of Technology involving a deep immersion into Design Thinking principles and methods. Not only we explore wicked challenges and provide co-creation solutions but link these to our wide academic global network.
Customised workshops for organisations and companies to learn a wide array of Design Thinking tools and methods and how to deploy them.
Tailor-made workshops ranging from 1 to 5 days to explore your challenge and develop responses involving you in the process.
Public engagement presentations and lectures from our experts to your audience. Insights, tips and tricks on Design Thinking for innovation.
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"We learned how to carry out research, ideate, test with users, evaluate and analyse the results, improve the idea, go back to the users, improve the idea again... This trip in design thinking taught us a lot but what will stay with me the most is that in order to realize an idea all these stages are necessary if we want our end product to meet the real needs of the users."
Andrew Panayi