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Climate-KIC Online Visioning & Backcasting

We had the pleasure of tailoring a visioning and a backcasting workshop for the Climate-KIC Journey participants during their virtual Cyprus part of their journey. An enthusiastic cohort of mainly postgraduate and doctoral students passionate on climate issues tackled a series of design and systems thinking activities through the use of Miro.


Harvard University 3-day Sprint

As part of a research project funded by the Cyprus National Foundation for Research and Innovation, titled Sustainable Urban Governance through Augmented Reality (SUGAR), our team from the Cyprus University of Technology along with our partners from the University of Cyprus and Harvard University have carried out a 3-day sprint aiming to develop a prototype for a system to encourage public participation in the urban planning process.


Design Thinking Workshop for the Youth Board of Cyprus

The Cyprus Interaction Lab was approached by the Youth Board of Cyprus to organise and facilitate a workshop activity aiming to rethink the online counseling service it currently offers to young people. CIL, having implemented various adaptations of Google Ventures’ inspired Design Sprint in the past, adjusted the method to a one-day sprint that took 3 multidisciplinary teams of young creatives through understanding the problem to proposing solutions.


Design Sprint for Safe and Responsible Gaming

A two-day design sprint workshop explored, proposed solutions and developed prototypes (applications and systems) with a goal of providing useful information for responsible gaming, as well as information for the risks posed by non-responsible participation. The prototypes developed by the teams followed the theme of the Responsible Gaming campaign as part of the Responsible Gaming Awareness Week of the National Betting Authority that commissioned this workshop.


Youth Leadership Summer School

Within the framework of the Youth Leadership Summer School, young people had the opportunity to get in touch with innovative design thinking techniques and tools for developing innovative products, services, and processes. The participants identified challenges and created proposals for positive change to the real problems of Platres villages and the mountain region of Troodos, which they presented to the residents, who will decide on their further exploitation and implementation.


Design Sprint Training in Las Vegas, USA

As part of the HCI International Conference, we have delivered a series of design sprint activities to a group of professionals and scholars, providing a firsthand experience of what it’s like to apply this process to a design challenge. We explained the psychological and social characteristics of each activity and task and how these relate to achieving particular goals and navigating complex group dynamics.